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Endex apex locator


The Original Third Generation Apex Locator

Capable of measuring under wet and complicated canal conditions

Call Osada at (800) 426-7232 for for spare parts and repair service.

How Endex works


Osada Electric Co., Ltd. is the first company to develop a third generation apex locator capable of determining root canal length under wet canal conditions.

  • ENDEX remedies the difficult tactile sensing of narrow root canals.
  • A compact sensor guides you through root canal preparations with visual and audio feedback indicating the critical apical region.
  • Low 2µA current produces no patient discomfort. 
  • Precise readings of root canals, using K-files or Reamers with plastic handles, eliminate the risk of over instrumentation, and reduce X-ray use. 
  • An entirely new approach produces consistent and accurate readings of apex location even with pus, blood, or fluid in the canal. No drying is required.
  • ENDEX provides gradual reading from the tip of the file within 3 mm of the apex: the Reset Button records each canal's condition for accuracy. The cleary visible needle gauge is color coded and the adjustable alarm sounds intermittently from 0.7 mm and continuously at the apex. The ENDEX set includes the cord assembly with two lip clips, an easy the handle battery block and a battery charger.
  • Starter kit includes the ENDEX power console, battery block, battery charger, one main cord, one steam-autoclavable file-end probe cord and two steam-autoclavable lip clips


Who would know better about apex locators? Endodontic Specialists! What Endodontic Specialist Dr. Allan S. Deutsch says about Osada ENDEX ~

"...After trying almost every machine on the market, I am most happy to say that there now seems to be one that is so accurate that it can be used reliably in day to day clinical practice. The 'ENDEX' apex locator by OSADA... It is also quite easy to use... Initially, we did not assume that this apex locator would be consistently accurate. We therefore took x-rays for over one year to verify that the anatomic apex was short of the radiographic... The result was less post-operative pain and less retreatments of previously endodontically treated teeth... The patients are much happier not to have the additional x-rays... We consider this a real advancement and time saver in endodontic treatment."

Dr. Deutsch practices in New York, N.Y. with Dr. Barry Lee Musikant, Dr. Douglas Kase, Dr. Amy Dukoff and Dr. Rory Mortman.