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Osada Saw Handpieces
Small Bone Surgery


Standard Podiatric Handpiece Assembly
Standard Podiatric Handpiece Assembly: SH29S (2.7:1) / LVS Micromotor / MCS8 8 foot straight motorcord
Osada Saw Handpieces

*SSH - Sagittal

**SRH - Reciprocating

*SOH - Oscillating

saw handpieces

*Hex Wrench to secure blades for SSH and SOHHew Wrench** Chuck Wrench for SRH Reciprocating Saw

All Saw Handpieces are equipped with QUICK DISCONNECT JOINT-RING to make connection to the Micromotor simple and secure.
No adapter is needed.

Saw Handpiece Model Tool Included Saw side view

Sagittal Saw Handpiece

Reciprocating Saw Handpiece

Oscillating Saw Handpiece




Hex Wrench*

Chuck Wrench**

Hex Wrench*

Osada Saw Handpieces are Steam-Autoclavable


WASH external surfaces with running water, covering the open end to prevent moisture from entering, and towel dry.

SPRAY OIL, holding the handpiece in a towel until oil runs clean out of the tip.

STEAM AUTOCLAVE in an envelope for 20 minutes at 132°C, followed by a drying cycle of 8 minutes. If a pre-vacuumed cycle is used, steam autoclave for 5 minutes, followed by a drying cycle of 8 minutes.

saw handpiece maintenance

One sample blade is included with each saw handpiece.
Saw blades are available from:
HALL ZIMMER CO. 800.925.4255 | OMEGA SURGICAL 800.656.6342 | VILEX INC. 800.521.5002