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All-in-One Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Oscillating System

Complete with Peristaltic Irrigation Pump
SE10 White Handpiece
All Irrigation Accessories are Removable
Steam Autoclavable


Built with power to spare
- Settings 1 through 12 - extra high power at 11 and 12
- Piezoelectric Ultrasonic System of 30 kHz
- Automatically tuned regardless of power setting or attached tips

Endodontic filing and shaping of the canal
- Filing with U-file and simultaneous irrigation right at the tip
- Shaping of the canal with DFS (straight) and DFC (angled) Diamond Coated Files chucked in Osada's unique combination tips such as ST17/QEH or ST12A/QEH
- Also combinations of Pluggers (#15 through #40) with ST12A/QEH Endo Tip and SCP Series with ST17/QEH

Removal of Restorations
- Use ST09 Vibration Tip with blunt end to effectively loosen cement, silver point, post and other restorations

Periodontic Procedures
- Cleaning and scaling of gum line and periodontal pockets with ST23 (irrigation opening at the tip end) or ST25 (in 3 sizes) with irrigation hole at side of the tip end.

how to attach tips to handpieceVariety of Scaling Tips
- ST08 Universal Scaling Tip
- ST07
- ST13
- ST14
- ST15
- and more...

ENAC OE-W10 is perfect for Specialists that use sterile water or chemical solutions

ENAC OE-W10 use viewEndodontic Obturation
*Melt gutta percha to fill the canal without water or to remove gutta percha from the canal with ST21 tip, etc.

Apicoectomy (Root End Surgery)
- ST38 (set of 3) Special Apicoectomy Tips
- Optional DF (X, Y, Z, ZZ) Double Angled Diamond Coated Files attached to ST17 Straight Endo Tip and QEH Quick Endo Holder

Efficient Removal of Broken Fragment Trapped in the Canal
- SCP4 Series (set of 3) chucked in ST17/QEH
- Straight Nose Tips ST21 (long) or ST21B (short)
- many combinations of Endo Holders and attachments of your choice

Atraumatic Surgical Procedures
Piezo Powered Ultrasonic Scalpels work like magic!

  • Basic Set of 6 surgical tips designed by Dr. Golz:
    ST70, ST71, ST72, ST73, ST74 & ST75
  • Newly added surgical tips:
    ST70Z, ST82, ST83, ST83S, ST84, ST84S, & ST85