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Chairside Handpiece or Laboratory Handpiece
Low Speed / High Torque Electric Handpiece System

Osada Model XL-230 - DISCONTINUED

XL-230 variable speed
Torque 4.8 Ncm with Feedback Circuitry
and MVFP Variable Speed Foot Pedal with Magnetic Sensor
Shown with LHP6 / L5m / Mcc6 Laboratory Handpiece

Osada XL-230 Components

MVFP Variable Speed Foot Pedal with Magnetic Sensor XL-230 P.C. Power Console

MVFP Foot Pedal
As you depress the MVFP Foot Pedal

XK-230 foot pedal linearly varies speed XL-230 green beam
  • Safe operation is assured because the MVFP Foot Pedal linearly varies the speed from the lowest through the user set maximum speed. Rotate the Speed Dial to point the Green Beam to the top speed you wish to use for each procedure.
  • The Green Beam pulsates on reverse rotation and warns irregularity by repeated rapid 3.


LHP-6 Laboratory Handpiece Assembly consisting of:

LHP6 Laboratory Handpiece LHP6 Laboratory Handpiece
L5M micromotor L5M Micromotor
MCC6 motorcord MCC6 6' coiled motorcord
  • LHP6 Laborary Handpiece Assembly is comfortable to use, even for small hands, because it is slender, well-balanced and lightweight with a coiled motorcord.
  • Lever chucking allows quick bur changes. No need for two hands to twist to open chuck.
  • Easy to clean removal chucks are interchangeable and available in 3 bur sizes, 02.35 mm standard, and optional 01.6 mm turbine bur and 03.0 mm industrial.

SH28S Chairside Handpiece Assembly

Optional autoclavable Straight or Contra Angle Handpieces (interchangeable)
Coupled with teh LVS E-Coupler Micromotor and MCC6 motorcord

SH28S SH-28S (1:1) Straight Handpiece

CS132-CH07 (1:1)
CS132-CH31GR (2:1)

OPTIONAL: (interchangeable with SH-28S above)
Latch Type Contra Angle Handpiece
Friction Grip Cotnra Angle (not shown)
Prophy Angle (not shown)
LVS Micromotor LVS Micromotor
MCC6 MCC6 6' coiled motorcord
HHR HHR Rubber Handpiece Holder
NFS foot switch NFS On-Off Switch