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XL-S30 Oral Surgery and Implant Electric Handpiece System

The right approach to High Torque/Low Speed Operation
with built-in Peristaltic Irrigation Pump


Oral Surgery and Implant Handpiece System

(shown with With SH26SP/LVSA/MCC8
and Contra Heads and Contra Shank for Implant)


The safe AIR FREE Surgical Drill System especially designed for Oral Surgeons.

All Electric High Torque / Low Speed (10 - 60,000 rpm) Micromotor Handpiece and Built-in Peristaltic Irrigation System.

  • XL-S30 POWER CONSOLE (800 - 30,000 rpm) comes with a reservoir, a hanging rod for irrigation bags, a complete set of tubing, an FS on/off footswitch, a rheostat slide from exact speed settings, and a convenient speed chart on the faceplate.
  • Irrigation can be simultaneously activated by the handpiece switches, or independently controlled by the irrigation volume dial.

If irrigation is performed separately from the handpiece unit, the XL-30W table top model is recommended.

If only for the oral surgery, the all-in-one floor console PEDO-30W may be convenient.


SHS28S (1:1)
CS132-CH07 (1:1)

(A) For Oral Surgery:

1:1 Micromotor with AMC: LVSA
Speed Range 800 - 3,000 rpm
SH-26 SP Twist Chuck 1:1 Straight Handpiece /
LVSA Micromotor / MCC8 8-ft. coiled cord

Speed Range 1,600 - 60,000 rpm
SH-31 SP Double Speed Twist Chuck Handpiece /
LVSA Micromotor / MCC8 8-ft. coiled cord

Speed Range 1,600 - 60,000 rpm
CS10 (1:2) / CH07 (Latch) or CH08 (Friction Grip)
Double Speed Contra Handpiece

SH26SP (1:1)
CS10 (1:2)-CH11B
SH31SP (1:2)

(B) For Implant Drilling:

Required Speed Range: 800 - 2,000 rpm
LVSA (1:1) Micromotor / MCC8 Cord
and CS031 (2.7:1) / CH67IC (2:1):
Total 5.4:1 Contra Handpiece
with internal and external pipes

(C) For Implant Tapping:

Required Speed Range: 10 - 50 rpm
ME24 (16:1) Micromotor / MCC8 cord
Extra Slow / High Torque Micromotor
Use same Contra Handpiece as in Drilling:
CS031 (2.7:1) / CH67IC (2:1),
Total Reduction Ratio 86:1

LVSA 1:1 Micromotor


ME24 16:1 Micromotor MCC8 Cord

CH67IC and CS-031 CH67IC (2:1)-CS031 (2.7:1)
Total 5.4:1 Contra Shank-head
with Internal & External Irrigation Pipes