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High Torque/Low Speed
Electric Surgical Handpiece Systems

Micromotors and Accessories




Standard Micromotor LVS is equipped with an ISO Junction (E-Coupler) to accept many surgical handpieces

1) LVS: Micromotor with fixed casing; accepts SH-Series or CS-Series Handpieces


2) LVSA: LVS Micromotor with AMC autoclavable motor casing, removable for easy cleaning


3) LVSLA: LVS Micromotor with LAMC long autoclavable motor casing

ME24 micromotor

ME24: 16:1 Reduction Speed Micromotor with LAMC Long Autoclavable Motor Casing and MCC8 8-ft Coiled Motorcord (for Implant Tapping)



4) MCC6: 6-FT (stretched) Coiled Motorcord, standard for XL-Series

5) MCC8: 8-FT Coiled Motorcord (standard for XLS30)

6) MCS6: 6-FT Straight Motorcord (shorter than the standard)

7) MCS8: 8-FT Straight Motorcord (standard for Pedo 30W) (not shown)

Micromotors and Motorcords are NOT steam-autoclavable.
Handpiece assembly (handpiece, micromotor, motorcord) may be gas sterlized (ethylene oxide).
surgical accessories

8) HHR: Rubber Handpiece Holder (not autoclavable)

9) HHS: Handpiece Holder with Screws

10) HS: Handpiece Stand (autoclavable) with pads

11) OIL: Osada Spray Oil, 6 oz. can
    The nozzle cap is reusable and convenient oil refill is available.

12) AMC: Autoclavable Motor Casing, removable
     SAMC: Shorter (Kavo type) Motor Casing with flat top is now available (not shown)

13) LAMC: Long Autoclavable Motor Casing

14) SD: (or DG for Drill Guards) 100/pack autoclavable. Silicone Discs for “S” and “SP” Nose Guards

FS foot switch

VSFP foot pedal

Standard FS On-Off Foot Switch for XL Series

VSFP: Optional Variable Speed Foot Pedal for XL Series