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XL-S30 Oral Surgery and Implant Electric Handpiece System

All-in-One Side-by-Side Brushless Motor System
with Peristaltic Irrigation Pumps for
Oral Surgery and Implant Preparations

Osada Model EXL-OSI2

High torque/Low speed operation for Implant preparation

• Smooth running oral surgery up to 80,000 RPM


All-in-One High Torque / Low Speed Two Motor System with Built-in Peristaltic Irrigation System for electric bone surgery system for bone cutting and drilling of surgery procedure.

  • Steam autoclavable micromotor SM1-03 with cord accepts ISO e-type handpieces
  • A Wire Driver with interchangeable chucks can be added to Motor 2.
  • Power console has a selection switch on the back to make this unit up to 30,000 or 40,000 RPM
  • Implant contra angle handpiece Model CSR 20 (reducing 20:1, high torque up to 50 Ncm) with internal and external irrigation pipes
  • The foot control has a forward pedal on the right and a reverse pedal on the left.
  • SM1-03 surgical brushless micromotor provides extremely quite, vibration-free rotations.
  • Quick stop system works on micromotor to prevent over cutting.


EXL-OSI2 display - motor 1

DISPLAY - in image to left, Motor 1 is used in Implant Mode

Note: "Oral Surgery Mode" does not have Torque setting due to higher speed operation.

control buttons on OSADA EXL-OSI2


  • MOTOR selection button
  • MEMORY button (1 through 5)
  • SPEED - display/change rotation speed
  • TORQUE - display/change torque
  • IRRIGATION - display/change irrigation volume
foot controller for dental handpiece system

Easy to operate FOOT CONTROL

  • MOTOR selection button
  • MEMORY button (1 through 5)
  • FORWARD and REVERSE pedals
EXL-OSI2 micromotor

Steam autoclavable MICROMOTOR SM1-03 with cord accepts ISO e-type handpieces.


Implant preparations with selected Speed and Torque stored in the Memory (1—5); before turning the unit ON, set the speed switch on the back panel to 30,000 rpm.


Oral Surgery or Wire Driver Operation (Normally 30,000 rpm setting is sufficient, however, it can be raised to 40,000 rpm for faster oral surgery operations.)



  • Your choice of handpieces; 1:1 or 1:2 double speed. Or contra angle handpieces or saw handpieces
  • Wire Driver Micromotor and cord with Jacob Chuck to be connected to the Motor 2 receptacle (in the Memory): interchangeable chucks—Jacob Chuck 5mm, Jacob Chuck 3mm, Pin Chuck Handpiece, Wire Chuck and AO chuck handpieces.