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ENAC tip close-up enac

for OE-W10 and OE-F15 Piezoelectric
Ultrasonic Oscillating Systems

One System for 10 Jobs
Various tips enable multi-purpose treatment


Osada Enac Tips are interchangeable with ALL ENAC models.


ENAC tip - cut section

Tips for the OSADA ENAC OE-F15 and OE-W10
Ultrasonic Instrument Systems

Surgical Tips new surgical tips introduced by Osada USA

Periodontic Tips

Scaling Tips

Root Planing and Irrigation Tips

Root Planing for furcation

Endodontic Tips

Tips for Root Canal Treatment

Retro Tips for Apicoectomy (Root End Surgery)

Tips for Removal of Foreign Objects in Root Canals

Other Tips and Accessories

instructions on how to attach tips to handpiece

Warning: Video contain graphic imagery of surgical procedures.


An introduction to Osada's surgical tips and their use in various procedures including: -Fractured root extraction and immediate implant -Missing tooth replacement -Lateral bone condensation -Extraction of frontal teeth -Implant insertion -Frontal Ridge Expansion -Sinus Lifting -Sinus opening and Implants

Osada equipment in video: ENAC OE-W10, ST 70, ST 71, ST 72, ST 73

instructions on how to attach tips to handpiece

IMPORTANT: The tip-to-handpiece connection is crucial to ENAC's optimum performance. The user must learn how to secure tips to the handpiece properly. Make sure that the tips are made for Osada ENAC.

TTT - tightener for surgical tips for ENAC OE-W10 dental ultrasonic unit
Tool: TTT

Torque-controlled Tip Tightener provides perfect tightness every time; never too tight. TWIST until your hear "CLICK".

NOTE: If a tip does not smoothly screw into the end of the handpiece, DO NOT FORCE IT. Unscrew it and try it again.

  1. Manually screw in the rimmed end of a one-piece tip such as ST09 or ST08 Universal Sacling Tip to the narrow threaded end of the handpiece.
  2. Holding the handpiece with a tip, insert the sharp end of the tip through the hole of the TTT to engage the tool with the parallel cut of the tip at the end of the stem part near the handpiece end.
  3. Hold the handpiece in one handand roate the TTT clockwise until you feel resistance. Continue tightening until the tool slips iwth clicking noise, indicating the required torque has been met and the tip is secured.

STT Spanner STT Spanner
Match the key part of the tool with the parallel stem part of the tip and move the STT down to tighten the tip until resistance is felt (end of the thread). Continue tightening a little more to secure. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN.
ETT endo top tightener ETT Endo Tip Tightener
For tips with straight / down shape where TTT is not suitable to use.

illustration on how to attach surgical tips for ENA OE-W10 all-in-one ultrasonic unit