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Retro Tips for Apicoectomy (Root End Surgery)


Image Product Name Power Setting Remarks  
ST37-90 ST38-90 0.1-7 Straight and 90 angled 4mm blade Irrigation enlargement of root canals at the time of retrograde treatment of a root canal .
retrograde root canal treatment
ST37R-90 ST38R 0.1-7 Right maxilla or Left mandible
ST37L-90 ST38L 0.1-7 Left maxilla or Right mandible

APICOETOMY FILES AND POINTS, DIAMOND FILES, SC POINTS (parts are enlarged to show details)
Apicoectomy Files and Points
SC Points ø1.0 mm

Double Angled Diamond Files
0.8 mm Shanks (shown with ST17/QEH)

(x) DF9010  (x) DF9010
(y) DF908  (y) DF908
(z) DF608  (z) DF608
(zz) DF808  (zz) DF808


AP4-60 AP4-60

AP4-90 AP4-90

AP4-120 AP4-120

AP10-60 AP10-60

AP10-90 AP10-90

AP10-120 AP10-120

SC Point 1 SC Point 1
SC Point 2 SC Point 2
SC Point 3 SC Point 3

SCP-4 SCP-4 -ø0.8 mm
SCP-6 probe SCP-5 Probe

L   SC Point 6 L
SC Point 6 R


L   SC Point 7 L
R   SC Point 7 R


Pluggers: ø0.8 mm Shank Diamond Files ø0.8 mm

pluggers   Sizes #15, #20, #30, #40, and #50 (ø1.0 mm)

Diamond File straight DF-S    DF-S Straight   
diamond file - angled DF-C DF-C 120° angled

Documents for Enac apicoectomy tips

How to use combination tips for ENAC ultrasonic endodontic system.

SE05 Steve Autoclavable Handpiece Maintenance Instructions and ENAC SCP5 Series Accessories