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Osada Surgical Tips



Piezo Powered Ultrasonic Scalpels work like Magic!

Serrated Cutting Tips

Scrapers and Separators
new serrated cutting tips

Diamond Ball Tips

Sword Tips
diamond ball and sword tips for dental piezo electric ultrasound system


bullet Utilizing the wonder of the piezoelectric ultrasonic system, OSADA SURGICAL TIPS work like magic: separating soft tissue from the hard surface of bone or tooth with significantly reduced injuries to soft tissue, nerves and vessels, resulting in a faster recovery.

bullet Surgeons have better control of the instrument for precise cutting of the mineralized tissue with minimum force and pressure applied toward the patient.

surgical tips Incisions are gently placed (like a laser) and users have a good control of precise incisions by adjusting the angle of the tips.

bullet Fine ultrasonic oscillation (ENAC: 30 kHz) with constant irrigation provides a continual antiseptic result.

bullet Osada tips are interchangeable with all ENAC models

bullet Starter kit is comprised of 6 surgical tips by Dr. Golz, and a tip stand.

how to attach tips to handpiece

starter kit comprises of 6 surgical tips by Dr. Golz and tip stand

Once the tip is placed on the site, depress the footswitch to activate, and feel the vibration work at the tip to sink in a little, and then move the tip slowly to cut. Depressing the footswitch again may boost the cutting power.

instructions on how to attach tips to handpiece

Warning: Videos contain graphic imagery of surgical procedures.


A demonstration of an atraumatic extraction using one of Osada's sword tips (ST 71).

Osada equipment in video: ENAC OE-W10, ST 71


A demonstration of an atraumatic extraction and immediate implant using Osada's short, straight-nose tip (ST 21B).

Osada equipment in video: ENAC OE-W10, ST 21B


Corticotomy Mandible and Maxilla procedures using Osada's Piezoelectric Ultrasonic System with one of Osada's saw tips (ST 94) and one of Osada's diamond ball long nose tips (ST 84S).

Osada equipment in video: ENAC OE-W10, ST 94, ST 84S


A comparative demonstration of a Corticotomy procedure using the Le Fort I technique with Osada's electric rotary handpiece (SH-26) versus Osada's Piezoelectric Ultrasonic System (ENAC OE-W10, ST 125).

Osada equipment in video: SH-26, ENAC OE-W10, ST 125

Irrigation setting should be 7-10 for all Surgical Tips
Power Setting 7-10 (12 on OE-W10) except for Marked Tips 7-15 on OE-F15.

All tips are interchangeable for all Enac Models, however,
osteotomy surgical tips are particularly effective with extra-powered Enac OE-F15.


new surgical tips for Osada Enac dental piezoelectric ultrasonic systems
Enac surgical tips
ST125 bone cutting ENAC tip new serrated cutting tips for OE-F15 power console ST139 hydro mini trumpet Enac dental surgical tip
Enac surgical tips PI-101 and PI102